Easy Spicy Tomato Spaghetti


Hello, there! So, recently I’ve heard on the news about ‘how to stay cool in the summer one of it is by eating spicy food. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but spicy food is one my favorites. This time I’m going to spicy tomato pasta and I hope you like it!



  1. Olive oli
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Tomato puree
  4. Cherry Tomato
  5. Onion
  6. Garlic powder
  7. Salt and pepper
  8. Basil
  9. Oreganos
  10. Red pepper flakes



How to:

  1. Cooked your spaghetti, after its done, drain it and drizzle little bit of olive oil so it doesn’t stick together
  2. Now time to cooks the veggie, drizzle olive oil on the pan toss the chopped onion and cherry tomatoes
  3. Give pinch of of salt and paper, then stir it
  4. Pure the tomatoes puree
  5. Add some garlic powder, oreganos, basil and red pepper flakes
  6. Stir it for view minutes
  7. Now, add you pasta! and…
  8. Enjoy !


a + e



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