Breakfast Starwberries Parfait



Hello, there!

When it’s come to breakfast I personally like something fast and tasty and recently parfait has been my go to menu. Not only it’s fast and tasty, but I also have fun making it. When you google ‘parfait recipe’ tons of if will showed up, from simple recipe to the most advance. Well, this one is one of the most basic and simple parfait recipe. Since, I have enjoyed making and tasting this recipe, I hope you enjoyed it too! 🙂





  1. Cereal and oats
  2. Plain yogurt
  3.  Strawberries
  4. Honey (optional)

How to:

  1. I put mixed between cereal and oats as the first layer
  2. The I put my plain yogurt
  3. Then I put a layer of chopped strawberries
  4. Now, for optional you can drizzle honey for sweetener
  5. Then repeat one more round and enjoy!




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