Random Street Food: Snack Edition ! part 01

Hallo, there! How’s you’ve been? We hope you feel fantastic! Well this blog post won’t talk about any recipes (as you can see from the title). This blog is  about traditional street food that we found randomly around the city, Jakarta. From garment market to food cart near train station. What inspired us to do this blog post is because recently we went to traditional garment market and around the market you can found lot’s of street food cart every where. Most of the food bender are snacks, sweets and drinks, but there’s also some noodle cart around the area. Since, I have no knowledge about garment, I told my friend that I’ll just walk around the market, to try or buy some food/snack. And that’s what inspired us to write this blog post.

Garment market !

At garment market this is the first item that caught my eyes, Es Doger! This sweet and refreshing drink/ dessert caught my eyes as soon as I step into the market. Yes, I spot it from far, far away. I’m able to spot it so quickly, because it have avocado in it! (I love, love, love avocado) So, from the picture, as you can see the glass is half full. Why? because when it serve, the other half of the glass will filled with shaved ice and condense  milk. yummyyyyyy!

Es Doger (Ice Doger) Avocado, coconut, jelly, condense milk and shave ice

Next stop, Gorengan, the deep – fried snacks. This is very common food cart that you can find it every where, not only in garment market but also around the city. This food cart serve from deep tried tofu, mix vegetables, cassava, banana and etc.

Gorengan (Deep fried snack) from tofu, tempe, mix vegetable, banana to cassava

Then, somewhere in the garment market I found small store that sold collective of street food snack and traditional cakes and drinks. Packages in small plastic boxes and cups, this small store is prefect if you want to get variation of traditional snack in one go.

*I didn’t photograph the drinks because it was dark >.<

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After long hours of walking and eating (not a good combination) and my friend done with his garment shopping, we decide to go home. But, before we leave the market I come across with this cute and pink sweet! Rambut Nenek or ‘grandma hair’, basically it’s shredded cotton candy, stuff between to wafers and it’s soooooooooo yummyyyyyy!

Rambut Nenek (Grandma Hair) it’s basically shredded cotton candy, stuff between two thin wafers
Kue Cubit Laba Laba


In front of bank, Small street in front of small stores to around train station.

Now, we move to basically really random place. like I explained in the beginning, deep – fried snack is every where, different menu but basically the same. This time, in this particular food cart, they sell deep – fried spring roll, egg pancakes, mix vegetables to croquettes. In this tiny street apparently they have so many food cart, scattered around the area. Not far from deep – fried food cart, there’s sweet dessert drinks, that filled with fruits and jelly. I’m not quite sure what’s in it but all I know it’s sweet.

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Move along to different location. This one is one of my personal favorite, Kue Cubit! or ‘pinch cake’. Not quite sure where it get its name, all I know it’s tasty. This tiny cakes that’s look like small pancakes in different shapes and sprinkle with chocolate. Yummm… But at Kue Cubit cart if you are in mood for something crunchy you can order ‘the Kue Cubit Laba Laba’ or ‘ pinch cake spider’ (like the picture above). I love, love to going to Kue Cubit cart, because usually they also offer other similar cakes. Like the one that I found, he sold ‘The Cup’ cakes (green cake, in the picture) and mini Martabak cakes (a small pancake top with chocolate and peanut, then folded in a half) yummmmmm…..

Well, that’s our little adventure of street food that we found this June. We hope you enjoy our blog and journey and thank you for your time !

Have a fantastic day !


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